Brachial Artery

The Brachial artery begins at the distal border of teres major and ends at the neck of the radius where it bifurcates into the radial and ulnar arteries. The brachial artery lies deep to the brachial fascia, but is essentially superficial in its humeral course.

Compression of the brachial artery may be affected at almost any level.
The brachial artery is used to assess pulse and blood pressure. It is superficial and palpable throughout its course, lying anterior to the triceps and brachialis muscles. The brachial artery is commonly compressed distal to the deep artery of the arm to control hemorrhage. Sudden complete occlusion of this artery is a surgical emergency because paralysis of muscles results from ischemia within a few hours. This artery must be assessed for damage with upper arm and elbow fractures.