Ventricular Arteries

Posterior Left Ventricular Branch Artery
Right Ventricular Branch Artery
Septal Branches

The right and left coronary arteries supply the atria and the ventricles. The left coronary artery is the source for the anterior descending, and the right coronary most often the posterior descending. In about 20% of cases, the posterior interventricular branch arises from the (left) circumflex branch (left dominant pattern). The wall of the left ventricle is supplied by diagonal branches of the anterior descending and left marginal as a branch of the left circumflex. The anterior wall of the right ventricle is supplied by the right marginal as a branch of the right coronary. The Septal Branches are derived from the anterior and posterior descending arteries.

The posterior walls of the ventricles (right and left) are variably supplied by Left and Right Posterior Ventricular branches from the left and right circumflex branches.