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Techniques & Materials


  • Scalpel blade hold & disposable blades (No. 20) - Don't get the small blades.
  • Surgical scissors - used for general cutting of skin or fascia. They also are useful for spreading tissue layers.
  • Small Hemostats - useful for clamping structures out of the dissection field or for grasping thin skin.
  • Anatomical Forceps (smooth tipped)- used for holding delicate structures.
  • Tissue Forceps (large) - used to hold thick skin when skinning etc. Also called " rat tooth" forceps.
  • Dental cotton tool or curved forceps - Used to clean nerves and arteries through fat and fascia. The most valuable tool in your kit.
  • Flexible probe - used to penetrate canals or foramina.
  • Blunt probe - used to manipulate or to probe larger openings. Main instrument used in dissection.