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Lab Rules & Guidelines

The dissection of the human body is a privilege that is extended to only a very select group of people. As part of that elite group you have the opportunity, unlike any other, to come to know human anatomy. Because of this unique privilege and the sensitive nature of working with human material there is a higher level of responsibility expected of you. Each body deserves your utmost respect. The policies below are to make you aware of your responsibilities, as well as, to help you derive the most benefit from the gross anatomy laboratory experience.

  • It is expected that all persons will behave in a professional manner while in the laboratory, and maintain proper respect for the human dissection material at all times, including skeletons.
  • It is expected that every student will attempt dissection, and promote a group effort.
  • The instructors will provide assistance and answer questions after the student attempts to locate specific anatomical structures.
  • Cadaver maintenance
    • Cadavers should be covered at all times, unless dissecting or reviewing. ALWAYS keep the cadaver moist with solution. Spray with wetting solution frequently. Report any mold to your instructor at once.
    • After each lab your tray should be wiped down with a diluted bleach solution.
    • Any fluid that accumulates in the dissection tray may be siphoned with the sink vacuum system.
    • All dissected material should be deposited into the stainless steel buckets at the end of the dissecting tables (do not put trash of any kind in the buckets).
  • General maintenance
    • The work area must be kept clean, mold free and tidy. Any extraneous materials or articles should be removed from the tray. Make sure the floor around your table is free of fluid and tissue.
    • All wetting solution bottles should be returned to the counter.
    • Gloves, paper towels and normal litter should be deposited into the large grey containers.
    • All used blades should be discarded in the Sharp’s container.
    • Dissection tools must not be left loose on the table. Wash your instruments after each lab. The sink and strainer should be cleaned after washing dissecting material/instruments.
    • Eating and drinking are prohibited in the laboratory.
    • Lockers are provided for storing dissection kits, personal items, and books. Only textbooks, lab manuals, and dissection kits are allowed in the lab.
  • Dress Code
    • Scrubs, lab coat, and comfortable shoes are recommended. No open-toed shoes or sandals are allowed.
    • Shorts are not allowed.
    • Disposable gloves will be worn at all times during dissection. Students are responsible for providing their own gloves.
    • Eye protection is recommended, and is required during any bone cutting or sawing. Contact lenses should not be worn in the laboratory.
  • Access to lab
    • This is a restricted area. All visitors require prior approval of the Chairman of Anatomy, Anatomy Course Coordinator, or the Anatomy Lab Coordinator.
    • No cameras or video allowed in the lab.
    • OSU-COM Medical students are allowed access during non-scheduled class time and posted laboratory hours.
  • Emergencies
    • Any illness or injury should be reported to the laboratory coordinator.
    • Any illness or injury after hours should be reported to the security officer.