Fascia Lata

The Fascia Lata is the uppermost subdivision of a complete stocking-like investment of the soft parts of the lower limb. The fascia lata provides the saphenous opening for the passage of the greater saphenous vein as a tributary of the femoral vein. An especially strong tendinous portion of the fascia lata is the iliotibial tract.

The lateral part of the iliotibial tract is often chosen as the site for harvesting fascial strips for hernia repair or other uses. The removed fascial strips will regenerate after six months to a year. Except where it is bound down by intermuscular septae, the fascia lata rather loosely sheaths the muscles of the thigh. Sometimes the underlying muscles may herniate through the fascia lata, giving rise to a circumscribed swelling that usually disappears as the muscle is contracted vigorously.