Superficial Fascia

Membranous Layer (Scarpa's)

Subcutaneous Fat (Camper's)

The disposition of the tela subcutanea in the anterior abdominal wall and lower part of the thoracic wall anterior to the midaxillary line is an exception to the common plan. Fibrous septa of the subcutaneous tissue are condensed beneath the fat into a thin, strong membrane, the Membranous Layer of Superficial Fascia (Scarpa's). This fascia allows the Subcutaneous Fat (Camper's) to slide freely over the underlying thoracic wall, rectus sheath, and external abdominal oblique aponeurosis. The membranous layer of superficial fascia fades out over the upper thoracic wall and along the midaxillary lines. In the inguinal area the membranous layer of superficial fascia attaches to the fascia lata, along the inguinal ligament. The membranous layer of superficial fascia is attached to the sides of the body of the pubis. It is continued over the penis and scrotum as the superficial perineal fascia of Colles.