Round Ligament of Liver

Left Coronary Ligament
Right Coronary Ligament
Left Triangular Ligament
Right Triangular Ligament
Falciform Ligament
Bare Area of the Liver

The (larger) Right and (smaller) Left Coronary ligaments are anterior and posterior leaflet reflections of the peritoneum attaching the liver to the diaphragm. The Falciform ligament is the anterior extension of the coronary ligaments. In the free edge of the falciform ligament is the remnant of the single umbilical vein - Round Ligament of the Liver. The lateral extensions of the coronary ligaments are referred to as the (larger) Right and (smaller) Left Triangular ligaments. The area between the anterior and posterior leaflets of the coronary ligaments is referred to as the Bare Area of the Liver.